Musicians Corner

Homegrown Tracks From Musicians Around The Globe

We are so proud of the entertainment industry and, as creative types ourselves, we want to do something to showcase some of the fantastic songs that you have to offer.  

Here you will find a new musician each day - if you would like to share some of your work, please get in touch with us.


Lockdown Project

Phil Wickins (a.k.a DJ Chix) started a music collaboration project for people stuck at home, with a bunch of musician friends, but now they've got a decent number of tracks, it's been opened out to everyone! 

The idea is simple, listen to some tracks, choose one you like the sound of, download it, mess with it, add to it, then email it back to Chix and he'll stick it back on the playlist. You can add as many things to it as you like, produce it into a finished track or simply add one instrument/ layer/ vocal. OR, start a new track off for others to add to! There are no rules, any temp, any genre, any style. Live or produced, organic or digital, you choose.

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